Friday, 26 October 2012

student of the year review

SRK’s Red Chillies Entertainment and Karan’s Dharma Productions present Student of the Year (SOTY)

Want to have nice time out with friends ........ then go and watch student of the year .
It is an unsaid command , it is a sweet love story of a school (so typically Karan Johar ) with two super hot male actors one is rich brat (Rohan Nanda) with father issues another is middle class super confident boy (abhimanyu singh) again with family issues and then enters stylish shanaya again a rich brat ,with cute face she fits perfectly into the character.
Shanaya and Rohan nanda are introduced as a couple from the starting and when there is a third entry in the movie what can we expect ........ exactly a love triangle.
Movie has Karan Johar written all over it nice big "clean" school.  Two very famous students as a couple then a third very good looking actor enters and complicates things.

The next thing that movie rotates around is a competition STUDENT OF THE YEAR for which all the students compete and as expected due to friendship one friend lets the other one win. And then again the other friend refuse to take the prize just to let down his father.

There are my light moments but you will enjoy movie if you go with your friends and do not use your brain.
You appetite for Karan Johar's gloss style will decide how much you like this movie

I would rate this movie as 3/5 stars

Salomi <3

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