Monday, 1 October 2012


First of all we need to understand what kind of skin we actually have.
There are three types of skin:-
- Oily skin .
- Combination skin (or commonly known as T zone skin ) .
- Dry skin .

If you have acne problem , do not directly assume that it is because your skin is dry/oily.

case 1:
If you have extensive acne then you need to see a doctor.
In doctor's word "extensive acne is mostly caused by hormonal imbalance or hormonal changes."

case 2:
But if your acne is not extensive then it might be due to lack of care.
As my mom always says "Love your skin."
Those of us who dose not suffer from hormonal imbalance or changes,
it is in our hands to control acne. We might have to work on our skin but
you can work on something if you love it enough. :)

If you don't keep your skin clean case 2 arises .

Few simple tips :
In this there is nothing you already don't know :-

- Drink lot of water.
- Avoid junk food.
- Increase intake of fruits.
- Avoid stress (smile a bit more laugh as much as you can).
- Wash your face before going to sleep.
- Remove makeup (properly) after coming back home.

If your skin is oily:
Mask 1:
*Multani mitti paste(with rose water)*.
Keep on for at least 15-20 mins.
Best mask ever.
Helps in acne, helps with open/huge pores , black/white heads as it controls oil.

Mask 2:
Sandal wood paste (with rose water) .
Apply it on before going to sleep.
Sleep on it, wash next day with cold water.
If you feel that your skin has become dry after that 
reduce the time to few hours.
(I have tried this , it helped me . I keep it over night ).
A little tip sleep after your mask dries to avoid creating mess on your bed. 

Mask 3:
Mix lemon juice, tomato pulp and aloe vera gel ( prefer fresh aloe vera gel) .
Apply twice a day, daily for 15-20 mins
This mask specially helps with acne scars.
People with combination skin or sensitive skin generally have pigmentation issues in underlip area
and side crease  of nose . For them this mask work wonders as all three ingredients are very good exfoliators.

Mask 4:
Apply tomato juice or cucumber juice or mixed juice on your face for 15 min.

Note : After applying any of the mask massage properly with ice cube, this will close your pores
and then apply rose water.
Changes do not occur overnight, you have to be persistent .
Apply any of this masks daily, make it your night routine.
I hope this helps :) :)

Love <3

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