Saturday, 20 April 2013

more like a star :)

Here is another hairstyle anyone can try at home.

This is again an entry for tresemmeindia

This one again take no more than 2 mins .....If you think your hair are way too wild today to make any hairstyle......... believe me try this one....(speaking from experience)

A comb, a clutcher(zero size), a banana clutcher (simple or bit fashionable on your choice) is all you need

Make a regular puff as high as you want...............
Add banana clutcher.............. and that's it ............. that was simple wasn't it :)

It makes you feel like a star....... 

simple and beautiful

Here is another hairstyle anyone can try at home.

This is again an entry for TRESemme's ramp ready hairstyle

A simple high puff :)

It is simple can be made in 2 mins almost as fast as butterfly pony once you get in habit of making puffs.

All you need is a comb, a zero size clutcher, 2 bobby pins to secure your hairstyle and you are good to go.

The best part of this hairstyle is that you do not need thick hair for this hairstyle, my hair are really thin and this hairstyle looks fabulous on me whenever I wear it.

Add a regular accessory to give it a dramatic look ;)

As I have added a rose pin as an accessory to give my hairstyle a bit typical look <3

This pic is before adding my rose pin :)

This is what I generally wear .....irrespective of the occasion this hairstyle makes you look and feel like a diva 

A simple rose pin adds so much to your hairstyle
makes it all dramatic (well i love drama :P)

a simple one

As promised I am back with shorter hair. Really had to fight with my mom for this ........ well changes are noticeable :)

Coming back to point.......
This post is an entry for TRESemme's ramp ready co

Well this one is the simplest of all on a bad hair day this works wonders (talking about personal experience here )

All you need is a comb and a rubber band and you are good to go.

For guidance on this hair style watch video

This hairstyle is perfect for college purpose, tired of your pony want to try something new, simple and fast.
This hairstyle is for you.

You can do various changes to this hairstyle if you free time and you are willing to try something new.
Simple curls will add style quotient and volume to your hair.
Whereas adding accessories can enhance your hairstyle.

Adding a mere white flower with curls will give you a beautiful summer look <3

Now using this simple concept I tried to do something different.......
Rather than taking all your hair in one ponytail i divided my hair in three sections and I repeated this procedure consecutively three times..............and here is the final result

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

my ramp ready look :)

Thanks mom for your continuous nagging about oiling my hair and using proper products for the hair I have today. I should tell you I am a bit careless with my hair at times ,but my mom she loves running after me with oil in one hand and a stick in another. 

My mom's parlour lady suggested her to use TRESemme's products ,she never let me experiment anything with my hair directly, as her life lies in my hair .She tried these new products on her hair first with the tremendous results ,now I was to try them too.

Results are in front of you :) I have started loving my hair <3 even more. They don't frizz no more and believe  me that is amazing .

This look is for TRESemme's new contest , this is MY RAMP READY LOOK all thanks to TRESemme's climate control shampoo and conditioner getting my hair styles to last longer is a piece of cake :) 

My hair are smoother than ever.........

This way I can go on and on about how much I love these new products .......
Coming back to what this post is actually about my ramp ready look .Our college's farewell party ........ saying bye to our seniors a perfect occasion to put my hair to test .The simplest of all hairstyles I straightened my hair with a slight back combing at crown area to add a little extra volume, added a pink hair extension to go with my outfit .Straight hair are in anytime ,in any era, it makes your hair look way more silky-smooth than they actually are .And as expected my hair passed the test with flying stars <3. They were "well behaved" through out...... literally well behaved( that is the only word coming to my mind that explains my feelings appropriately ). Hope you guys like it.
I would be doing a new look soon probably for the same contest with shorter hair ( I am still fighting with my mom to cut my hair short

Salomi <3