About me

Hi, I m Salomi

I love everything that you would expect a young girl in here early 20's to love.
I love makeup and I love shopping even more.
I m a huge DIY person .

I m very passionate about fashion. I love styling myself and my mom on occasions :).
I experiment with my looks every now and then. I try out new hair styles and new makeup looks.
Being a huge DIY person myself , I love sharing my experience with every one.

And now the most important thing I love high heels and handbags <3 <3 <3 absolutely and simply love them.
With this blog I intent to share all that I know with every one of my readers.
And I hope I could be of some help

Salomi <3


  1. I like your introduction more than your blog.!!!
    Keep it up.. :P
    Inner Power

  2. This will be precisely the kind of introduction my sister would provide someone about herself! :D Just like you love styling your mum, she used to subject me to similar tomfoolery with the makeup.. Gaah!

    Keep Blogging!