Thursday, 27 December 2012

after my first day of running ... i think this is my last day on earth :\

Do you ever feel motivated by something or rather someone around you to be fit. I know the meaning of being fit may differ from person to person. For some being fit is just having good stamina ,whereas for people like me definition of being fit starts from loosing those extra inches. And for some building perfect body is being fit ,well I have friends from all these three categories .Jaggi (naam to suna hi hoga... hahaha,well from my previous post) is a person who belongs to this first category he likes running he is not slim he is more like me ,plump but GOD he can run miles I saw it by myself yesterday ,I on the other side belongs to the second category ,first step for me towards getting fit is loosing those extra inches .Another one of my friends Priyanshu belongs to third category, full body shody type .

Since my exams are over and I don't anything to do ,I decided to give it a try. So I went jogging with my friends Jaggi and Tanmay to our very own D.A.V.V university campus ground. There were few couples sitting here and there ,some people running ,some walking and some on phone the whole time. We started with warm up then walking , after a few rounds of ground walking we started jogging as soon as I started jogging I realized I have a very ....very long way to go ,for starting 1/2 ground of jogging I was all excited and confident that if someone like Jaggi can do it then it should be nothing for me but I was proved wrong in first round of the ground.
Somehow I completed 2 circles and then with no energy left in me ,I lied on the ground ,after a few minutes we did some stretching and then we came back. Thankgod  that torture session ended right there (well that was what i thought ).

I could not sleep for most of the night , I can't say when I actually slept .All I remember is I woke up at 12:30pm and with a severe body ache ,specially my legs. Today I massaged some ointment on my legs and I am so furious with myself ,for why do I have to eat so many chocolates in my past , and ice creams and with the thought of that I again had gajar ka halwa .
I am so weak when it comes to food!!!!!! This time I did not want to have it, my mom forced me to have it :( ............. seriously !!

So much of exercise and so much of pain all washed up with one bowl of gajar ka halwa ,while having my gajar ka halwa I was so delighted that I forgot all about body pain ,as soon as I stood up to that bowl in the sink I was reminded of my numb legs and the running I did yesterday to loose those extra inches and this time I was furious with my mom.........
well this was the story till 1pm now after my first day of running ,I think this is my last day on earth!!!!!!!!!!
and they say if I don't go for running today I will have same pain gain whenever I start any exercise again .
Bas jaan hi lena baki rah gayi hai bachi ki. o_0

Lets see this time I am in full mood to start running or some exercise seriously. I will go to running again today and lets see if this is actually my last day ( of running please m not hurting myself, if that is what yu have in your mind) 

Love <3

Saturday, 22 December 2012

have i gone mad..... -_-

2nd internals then came Diwali then came submissions and presentations and then came...........Final exams 

I wait for my birthday for 364 days in a year. And this year's birthday was not less than a nightmare, a nightmare I was preparing to avoid for 10 days.Thanks to those 10 days I could do something in my accounts paper(I fear account the most) that day I thought, the day exam ends I will go out for a long drive, I simply love long drives with some company or at times alone. My friend Jaggi had his birthday on the last day of exam I was so excited for his birthday as my birthday got lost somewhere in the middle of exams. We had plans for his birthday, ask yourself what could possibly go wrong here. Everything went haywire when his exam marks were revealed nearly for all subjects and he failed every subject!!!!!!!!! major disaster..... on his damn birthday I have never seen Jaggi so low. We got him to be little normal by the "cakeS" we got for him one to cut and one to paste ;) :p
we spend evening most of it in ICH(indian coffee house), our adda and rest of it at beauty's shop, no its not a fashion store well it is a juice shop our second adda.
THE day got over Thank god for that, I could not handle any more disasters in a day. Now even after my exams are over I feel like a zombie, please don't worry I don't have cravings for human brain. No long drive No shopping No going out with friends did not went to watch dabangg 2 all I did for the most of the day was ......... well nothing. I was lying down on bed for almost the whole day, not wanting to do anything. The day was so lazy and now finally when I am writing my experience of these two days all I could think about was planning motivation shit!!!!!!!!!!
I wanted to search a book on net to read I googled pearson and robbins. This MBA course has done something with my brain ,that I m sure of. Now I have told pooja, one of my friends to give me a good book to read and I am still struggling to write without any managerial terms.

Hope You guys like it
Salomi <3

Saturday, 24 November 2012

ATIF ASLAM in Indore!!!

Artist in spotlight : Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam's first live concert in Indore and I missed it :(
Althought I have attended his concert in pune but that was a long time back ..............
Anyways a friend of mine Omar attended this concert and here you are with the review of the concert in his words :-
"Atif Aslam performed at Winway Garden,Indore, on the night of 23rd November. Apparently this was the first time he was performing in Indore. He said that he had to catch 4 flights to get there. As I have been to his concert before, I knew what to expect. His live performances are electric and listening to the songs you love live is a different experience altogether.
There was a slight delay due to technical reasons, but once Atif Came on to the stage, everyone was is high spirits. He started out with his massive hit Woh Lamhe and from that moment itself crowd was in love with him. He then dedicated his personal favourite classic Gulabi Aankhein to everyone gathered there.
Then by the time he moved on to his other hits like Tu Jaane na, Pehli nazar mein and doorie everyone was singing along. Everyone gave Atif and his band a rousing reception when he performed his last song. The event was organized very well and the stage prepared for the concert was complimented the whole environment .It was a night to remember, hope he comes back to Indore soon!!!!!!"

Even I want Atif Aslam back in Indore for me .............but I guess that is a bit too much to ask from a star like Atif Aslam .So here I m waiting for Atif aslam to come back for me and for all those who have missed this concert .

 Salomi <3

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Son Of Sardaar review

Son Of Sardaar ,SOS, directed by Ashwani Dhir(Atithi Tuj Kab Jaoge) produced by Ajay Devgun and music by Himesh Reshammiya starring Ajay Devgan , Sonakhsi Sinha , Sanjay Dutt , Juhi Chawla in lead role.
SOS is a remake of telugu movie Maryada Ramanna by Rajmouli which was also remade in kannada and bengali .


All the character were well played by various actors. Ajay Devgan's performance is good but not very good. He is playfull, strong, romantic all in extremes . Sonakshi Sinha is playing her stereotype role from Dabangg  and Rowdy Rathore. Few characters that stand out were Juhi Chawla , Tanuja and Mukul Dev. Juhi Chawla adds warmth to her character , whereas Tanuja is spot on with her performance.

Story starts with Ajay Devgun(Jassi) is working with Salman Khan and his uncle in UK and he has to come back to India to claim his ancestral land .He meets Sonakshi Sinha (Sukh) on his way which leads him to her home as guest . Where he finds that Sukh belongs to the same family who wants him dead because family feud and all he can do to remain alive is to be in same house with sukh and family. This is all about the story.

The first half of the movie is full on with comedy , south Indian style fighting scenes in short full masala .
whereas the second half is completely opposite flat jokes , lost story makes it hard to survive this second half.
If you want to go out and watch a movie this Diwali season , definitely go for SOS.
Condition apply : Do not expect any interesting story  so do not use your brains .
So let yourself loose and relax , enjoy the light comedy of SOS (atleast the first part of it).

I would rate this movies as 3/5

Hope it helps.
Salomi <3

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Jab Tak Hai Jaan Review

Jab Tak Hai Jaan, A typical Indian romance film directed by Yash Chopra and written and produced by Aditya Chopra under their production banner Yash Raj Films, featuring ShahRukh Khan,Katrina Kaif,Anushka Sherma in leading roles.
With Shah Rukh Khan as Samar and Katrina Kaif as Meera and Anushka Sherma as Akira Rai ,movie starts with Akira dives in the ice cold water just for a bet and major Samar Anand protects her from drowning and gives her his coat . The whole Samar Meera love story is in flash back when akira finds his dairy from his jacket. Now the character Meera is the most stupid character ever..... the whole superstitious act is so 80's ........ but Katrina adds a particular softness to the character, whereas the character Samar is stereotyped Shah Rukh Khan and the character Akira is a bold beautiful bindass badass girl from Delhi.

Katrina is looking fabulous as ever, SRK has done amazing work, amazing locations, few beautiful songs thanx to A.R Rahman, the concept of "The man who cannot die" reminds you of the hurt locker. And that's about all that there is in the movie.
There is nothing to like in this movie , when you watch it all you can think of is Yash Chopra . It is like shradhanjali to Yash Chopra , his whole life's work put together.
But if you watch it as just a movie there is nothing new to it, it is more like an 80's movie played by new characters.
A word of caution if you are a big fan of chick flick stay away ....... even if you are a fan don't expect much from the movie.
I would rather rate this film as 2.5/5 .
Hope it helps .

Salomi <3

Friday, 9 November 2012

I miss going home for diwali ........A small pray for Diwali

This is my first personal post on my blog , so let me tell you guys something about myself first ......
I m basically from Indore ,did my schooling here and then went to Pune for engineering I was in Pune for almost 4 and a 1/2 years, now I am doing M.B.A from Indore . Today was my last exam and from tomorrow officially our college is off for Diwali .......

All my friends are going back to there hometown to there parents for Diwali whereas "I am going nowhere"  . Sounds silly isn't it, but seriously when I was in hostel after two-tree months of hostel ,I use to cherish my home as if it was royal .I m not saying my home is not royal to me now, but things are different now.I am home already, I don't miss home made food anymore.

Just two months of new college new friends and I m sad of thinking of days without them, or maybe I m sad that I do not get to see a change in environment this holiday season.
I m really praying hard for something exciting to happen on this Diwali, please god Do something to make this Diwali special , everyone deserves to be happy on Diwali , hoping for some miracle to happen on this festival season ..... signing out

Hope your Diwali is safe and exciting <3
Salomi <3

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Skyfall review


The film was directed by Sam Mendes and written by John LoganNeal Purvis and Robert WadeSkyfall is the twenty-third spy film in the James Bond series

Cast from left to right  :

Ben Whishaw as Q
Rory Kinnear as Bill Tanner
Bérénice Marlohe as Sévérine
Daniel Craig as James Bond
Naomie Harris as Eve moneypenny
Albert Finney as Kincade
Judi Dench as M
Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva

The bond franchise is back with a bang. Casino royale was a land mark bond film and the next installment quantum of solace was a bit of a let down. With Skyfall, bond is back with a bang. Bringing in Oscar winning director Sam Mendes was a stroke of genius, being a British director he understands that the script and story are the heart and soul of the film.
There is a stunning opening sequence which tops the one in Casino Royale. Shot in Istanbul, turkey it involves a bike chase and hand to hand combat on a moving train.Also there is a reference to you only live twice with the absence of bond for a while in the movie and then he comes back. Javier Bardem brilliantly plays the bond Villain. He plays a futuristic Bond villain a computer hacker specializing in cyber terrorism. He gives a very unhinged performance and is easily the most memorable Bond villain of recent times. His opening sequence, where he takes a long walk towards bond giving a speech is chilling.
A new Q is introduced in this film played by Ben wishaw, who is considerably much younger than his previous counterparts. All he gives Bond is a gun and a radio, in a world where technology is everywhere this makes a lot of sense.
What is at the heart of the story is the relationship between Bond and M. Ralph fieness character at a point in the film asks Bond that why did he come back. The answer to this question is what drives the film. Both Bond and Silva (Javier Bardem) share a very personal relationship with M, this is a very interesting aspect of the film. Even while you get all the spectacular set pieces and great action what sets this bond film apart from the others is that it has a very coherent central idea.
This is a very British Bond film, with almost the entire second act shot in England. The film steps back into Bonds past in the second act. Without giving too much away, Bond trying to protect M and Defending all that he has left from his ancestry is unlike any climax of a Bond film.
On the technical aspects of the film it is beautifully shot and very well edited. M played by Judi Dench completely overshadows the bond girls and gives a remarkable performance. Overall this is arguably the best Bond film yet .
After reading the review do you think there is any need to give stars  ?? :)

Salomi  <3

Monday, 29 October 2012

My first nail art

It's not winter yet and my nails are not that short anymore ..........
These photographs are some 2 years old and this was my first nail art (that was worth sharing ) .
Back then I did not knew how do people make all those shapes on their nails with that thick nail polish brush.
This animal print , I did with a zero size paint brush and my nail polish ........ and I had to throw that brush after use and listen to my mother's nagging for almost a month after that .... actually it was my mom's brush ...

Anyways any nagging could not spoil my mood as the out come was so cute ... "my first perfect nail art "
 and so these photographs are very close to my heart.
Besides for all those who have never tried nail art or have really small nails and want to try something on them, this is literally the simplest thing you can try on your nails, as there is not particular shape required, no symmetry just look at the shape in the pictures I have uploaded , you need to form something like that .

All you need is white nail polish for base coat , there are separate nail polish for nail art available in the market now you will need black in that and a transparent nail polish for top coat .

steps :-
-Apply white base.
-Form prints (you can form different prints ).
-When these prints dry.
-Apply top coat.

You can use different color combinations . I used black and white because it was available at the moment

Hope it helps
Salomi <3

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Ajab Gajabb Love review

After making the two sleekly directed hits Dhoom and its sequel Dhoom 2 (Lets not remember Mere Yaar Ki Shadi Hai  and Kisnap) Sanjay Gadhvi is back with Ajab Gajabb Love 

One line story one rich boy assumes another identity (a gareeb one ) to win over the girl, his whole family puts up a comical act for his sake.

Father, Business tycoon Yashwardhan's role suddenly changes from cracking deals in crores to selling kelas. Mother, gives up her 'Manish Malhotra creations' for the buddhi-blind-bechari who is in her words very down market , his brother plays an alcoholic, and bhabhi turns into a bai .
All this because the girl hates every thing rich , but wear fancy cloths, bags and accessories.

Now enters girl's bhai , oopps twin brothers Karan-Arjun, played by Arjun Rampal. His comic-timing is a revelation. His double-act entertains and adds energy to this comedy.
Arshad Warsi in a cameo, tries to add southern tadka with his accent, but he doesn't do much beyond that, really.

The star-performer, undoubtedly, is Kirron Kher; not that it's a surprise. She overacts convincingly (she's supposed to be a filmi Maa), and her over-the-top histrionics are hilarious. 

This movie gives you very few laughs and so called romantic scenes are not romantic at all.
Movies gives an impression of an over budgeted college drama project.

Movie is another effort by Vasu Bhagnani effort to revitalise his son Jackky's directionless career.
I can't give this movie a 1/5 so I would rather give it a 2/5 

Salomi <3

Friday, 26 October 2012

LOOPER review

Director Rian Johnson and actor Joseph Gordon Levitt come back together after the cult classic BRICK.A mind bending sci-fi noir film which pulls you in its world and does not let you escape long after you have left the theater.
The film also stars Bruce Willis (twelve monkeys) and Emily Blunt (the young Victoria). Willis plays the older Joseph Levitt in the film.

Pierce Gagnon , a very young child actor plays Emily Blunt's son and is a revelation. Joseph’s character says at the start that time travel has been invented in the future and is immediately deemed illegal and is only available in black market. Mafia use loopers in the past to assassinate their targets without leaving any trace ,all they have to do is send the target person 30 years back to the looper .Joseph is getting rich and life is good, until when Joseph is sent back his own future self as the target, all hell breaks loose. He has been asked to close his own loop by the mafia and this is not acceptable to his future self.
One of the stand out scene of the film is when both the present and the future Joseph sit and have a chat on the diner table.But this film is more than just a time travel film, it talks about how our decisions can alter our future to a great extent, every decision we make has a chain reaction and can change the course of history. Rian Johnson who has also written the story, pays homage to films like the terminator and twelve monkeys, but is successful in making an original sci-fi noir film which is cerebral as well as a great action film. Giving too much plot details would be robbing the audience of the great experience that this film is. The art direction, cinematography, makeup (Gordon levitt is at his best) and acting is top notch. It features a wonderfully multifaceted and intelligent story which rewards patience and concentration with a heart stopping ending.
Beside the main theme movie has its light moments. If full on action movie is not your cup of tea don't worry a sweet love story and dark humor will keep you interested till the end and if the company is good , i think rest you can bare
I would rate this movie 4/5

Salomi <3

student of the year review

SRK’s Red Chillies Entertainment and Karan’s Dharma Productions present Student of the Year (SOTY)

Want to have nice time out with friends ........ then go and watch student of the year .
It is an unsaid command , it is a sweet love story of a school (so typically Karan Johar ) with two super hot male actors one is rich brat (Rohan Nanda) with father issues another is middle class super confident boy (abhimanyu singh) again with family issues and then enters stylish shanaya again a rich brat ,with cute face she fits perfectly into the character.
Shanaya and Rohan nanda are introduced as a couple from the starting and when there is a third entry in the movie what can we expect ........ exactly a love triangle.
Movie has Karan Johar written all over it nice big "clean" school.  Two very famous students as a couple then a third very good looking actor enters and complicates things.

The next thing that movie rotates around is a competition STUDENT OF THE YEAR for which all the students compete and as expected due to friendship one friend lets the other one win. And then again the other friend refuse to take the prize just to let down his father.

There are my light moments but you will enjoy movie if you go with your friends and do not use your brain.
You appetite for Karan Johar's gloss style will decide how much you like this movie

I would rate this movie as 3/5 stars

Salomi <3

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

lakme eyeconic kajal

Being a kajal freak, I finish a kajal almost in a month .With the limited resources that we students have (now, that is a new way to say i have very less pocket money ) i have to buy a new kajal almost every month and  obviously even with my limited pocket money ,I want to have the best kajal that i can get.

Till now I use to use colossal by maybelline till now which is available for 150/- for 0.35g kajal.
Now this month I have bought lakme eyeconic kajal which I got for 199/- for 0.35g of kajal.

lakme eyeconic kajal is actually smudge proof ,it stay for more than 8 hours (i wash me face frequently and apply kajal again almost in every 6-7 hours) so i cant tell you for more than 8 hours.

One very good thing about lakme eyeconic kajal is the dark black color you can see the swatch in the picture below.
Now that I have an option in kajal in my range I think I'll go for lakme eyeconic kajal from now on, as maybelline colossal kajal is not that smudge proof exactly. Though the color of colossal is somewhat better than lakme eyeconic kajal.
I used my lakme eyeconic kajal in my dandiya make up (I was so nervous while doing so) and it did not bleed ,THANK GOD !!!!!! I m in love with it <3

I hope it helps
Salomi <3

Saturday, 6 October 2012

M.A.C NC45

M.A.C needs no introduction it is widely used by professional and non-professional makeup artists all around the world. I personally love m.a.c for the quality and variety of products that it has to offer. This is my first product review for my blog what else can I start off with rather than m.a.c concealer.

I have been using m.a.c since more than 2 years now. And the product with which I started using m.a.c was M.A.C NC45 concealer. So giving it a bit of personal touch I decided to choose M.A.C NC45 concealer for my first product review.

I have a combination skin which makes it difficult to choose what kind of makeup products to choose. My friends who have same combination skin as me often ask me what kind of foundation and concealer they should use as pigmentation around lips and sides of nose is very common with our skin type.This concealer can be used for any skin type

Most of the brands offer concealers in just 2 or 3 shades, which obviously dose not suits all and definitely never suits me medium is way too light for me and dark is way too dark.
Whereas m.a.c provides you a wide range of shades and various types of concealers .

This concealer provides you full coverage, you can see in the pictures below with this little amount of concealer(almost a small drop) I covered my complete face. It do not look artificial at all, i personally do not apply foundation after concealer.

It last for 8 hours straight for me(I have never applied makeup for more than 8 hours straight ), it might vary for you.
This concealer cost you INR 1200/- for 10 ml. But my 10 ml tube last for more than 6 months, if you apply makeup occasionally, in that case your 10 ml tube will last you more than a year. which actually is not expensive at all.

I hope it helps
Salomi <3

english vinglish review

 After taking a break of 15 years, Sridevi has returned with the role of a housewife in ‘English Vinglish’ and after watching the film, I have just one word for the actress - FLAWLESS! 

Sridevi's acting in the movie is just amazing. She is in the role of a maharashtraian housewife "Shahi" who is passionate about making ladoos and sell them as well. She is very low on confidence as she can not speak  English, due to which she has to face hell as her husband has no respect for her and her 7th grade school going daughter is ashamed to with introduce her as her mother.

A turning point comes to her life when she goes to New York to help her sister with her niece’s wedding. And grabs an opportunity to learn speaking English in mere 4 weeks and gain her duly deserved respect. In no time Shashi became the most passionate student in the class. She watches English movies during night religiously reads paper as her self imposed homework, all to improve her English reading, writing and speaking skills.during this time periods she finds this very handsome Frenchman attracted to her despite of her simple personality. She achieves her goal as she delivered a speech on the wedding day of her niece.

Many middle age women can relate to the character, as they face the same problem as she did with there kids and husband as they consider them as shame just because they can not speak English and are very low on self steam.

Movie teaches a beautiful lesson that you can do anything if you show required amount of dedication for it.

But the movie did not hold my interest as an audience, after my college when I go for a movie, I expect it to be refreshing. I personally prefer either comedy or a very "strong" movie.
This movie do have some comedy scenes but it can not be called as refreshing. Movie became very predictable specially after the interval.

I would rate this movie as 2/5 stars that is just for good concept and Sridevi.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Remedy for all skull and hair problems

A major skull problem that almost every second person has to deal with is dandruff.
Dandruff is caused by either skin allergy , pollution and lack of care. 
Mom of one of my friends is an ayurvedic doctor. 
Yesterday I went to her place was just talking to her mom when I told her about my problem.
 She told me itching sensation in scull in any season is very common so I decided to share the remedy with everyone. 
This itching can be caused due to allergy or dandruff both of which are very common in specially rainy season I happen to have dandruff throughout rainy season but she told me that dandruff is caused by allergy in my scull and I should avoid rain and pollution.

But we can not simply avoid rain and specially pollution can we???? I have to go to college and if not college rainy season is the season to go out with your friends get wet have coffee bhajia or bhutta. A person cannot sit at home for his/her entire life.

So, here is the remedy :-


Yes a shampoo and this one is not that simple.
All you need is:

Aamla dried(1/2 cup)
Khus dried(1/2 cup)
Reetha(1/4 to 1/2 cup) 
Shika kai (1/4 to 1/2 cup) 
Dried neem (1/2 to 3/4 cup)
Sandal wood oil (1tsp)this is optional
These were the herbal things you will need

Now some chemicals 

Sodium benzoate (1 Tbsp) - it will preserve your shampoo for approx 4 months

Zinc pyrithione or ketoconazole or terbinafine (1 Tbsp) - these chemicals are anti fungal these are used for dandruff 
Note:- you have to use any 1 of these anti fungal chemicals do not use all three I have given these names as option because when I went to chemist he dint had first two so I have to call doctor again to ask if anything else can be used . So these are just options. 

Note:- if your hair are really oily you can add 1tsp more of sodium benzoate


Take 2 liters of water in a pan.
Add everything.
Switch on the gas and cover the pan.
When water starts boiling take off the cover.
Stir everything properly for 2-3 mins more on the gas.
Now remove the pan from the gas and sieve the mixture let the liquid cool down.
Store this liquid in any bottle you have .

You can keep this bottle in your bathroom.
Use it every time your wash your hair .
Do not wash your hair for more than 3 times a week.
Try this shampoo for atleast 1 month to see visible difference in your hair.
Wash out shampoo properly .

Take care :)

Today was the first day I used this shampoo I cant say anything about the itching as I have not gone out in rain yet but my hair have become really soft <3

I have not uploaded any pic because I was just trying it yesterday it turned out so good that I will make another bottle soon for my cousin and then will upload pics

Love <3

Monday, 1 October 2012


First of all we need to understand what kind of skin we actually have.
There are three types of skin:-
- Oily skin .
- Combination skin (or commonly known as T zone skin ) .
- Dry skin .

If you have acne problem , do not directly assume that it is because your skin is dry/oily.

case 1:
If you have extensive acne then you need to see a doctor.
In doctor's word "extensive acne is mostly caused by hormonal imbalance or hormonal changes."

case 2:
But if your acne is not extensive then it might be due to lack of care.
As my mom always says "Love your skin."
Those of us who dose not suffer from hormonal imbalance or changes,
it is in our hands to control acne. We might have to work on our skin but
you can work on something if you love it enough. :)

If you don't keep your skin clean case 2 arises .

Few simple tips :
In this there is nothing you already don't know :-

- Drink lot of water.
- Avoid junk food.
- Increase intake of fruits.
- Avoid stress (smile a bit more laugh as much as you can).
- Wash your face before going to sleep.
- Remove makeup (properly) after coming back home.

If your skin is oily:
Mask 1:
*Multani mitti paste(with rose water)*.
Keep on for at least 15-20 mins.
Best mask ever.
Helps in acne, helps with open/huge pores , black/white heads as it controls oil.

Mask 2:
Sandal wood paste (with rose water) .
Apply it on before going to sleep.
Sleep on it, wash next day with cold water.
If you feel that your skin has become dry after that 
reduce the time to few hours.
(I have tried this , it helped me . I keep it over night ).
A little tip sleep after your mask dries to avoid creating mess on your bed. 

Mask 3:
Mix lemon juice, tomato pulp and aloe vera gel ( prefer fresh aloe vera gel) .
Apply twice a day, daily for 15-20 mins
This mask specially helps with acne scars.
People with combination skin or sensitive skin generally have pigmentation issues in underlip area
and side crease  of nose . For them this mask work wonders as all three ingredients are very good exfoliators.

Mask 4:
Apply tomato juice or cucumber juice or mixed juice on your face for 15 min.

Note : After applying any of the mask massage properly with ice cube, this will close your pores
and then apply rose water.
Changes do not occur overnight, you have to be persistent .
Apply any of this masks daily, make it your night routine.
I hope this helps :) :)

Love <3