Monday, 29 October 2012

My first nail art

It's not winter yet and my nails are not that short anymore ..........
These photographs are some 2 years old and this was my first nail art (that was worth sharing ) .
Back then I did not knew how do people make all those shapes on their nails with that thick nail polish brush.
This animal print , I did with a zero size paint brush and my nail polish ........ and I had to throw that brush after use and listen to my mother's nagging for almost a month after that .... actually it was my mom's brush ...

Anyways any nagging could not spoil my mood as the out come was so cute ... "my first perfect nail art "
 and so these photographs are very close to my heart.
Besides for all those who have never tried nail art or have really small nails and want to try something on them, this is literally the simplest thing you can try on your nails, as there is not particular shape required, no symmetry just look at the shape in the pictures I have uploaded , you need to form something like that .

All you need is white nail polish for base coat , there are separate nail polish for nail art available in the market now you will need black in that and a transparent nail polish for top coat .

steps :-
-Apply white base.
-Form prints (you can form different prints ).
-When these prints dry.
-Apply top coat.

You can use different color combinations . I used black and white because it was available at the moment

Hope it helps
Salomi <3

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