Saturday, 6 October 2012

M.A.C NC45

M.A.C needs no introduction it is widely used by professional and non-professional makeup artists all around the world. I personally love m.a.c for the quality and variety of products that it has to offer. This is my first product review for my blog what else can I start off with rather than m.a.c concealer.

I have been using m.a.c since more than 2 years now. And the product with which I started using m.a.c was M.A.C NC45 concealer. So giving it a bit of personal touch I decided to choose M.A.C NC45 concealer for my first product review.

I have a combination skin which makes it difficult to choose what kind of makeup products to choose. My friends who have same combination skin as me often ask me what kind of foundation and concealer they should use as pigmentation around lips and sides of nose is very common with our skin type.This concealer can be used for any skin type

Most of the brands offer concealers in just 2 or 3 shades, which obviously dose not suits all and definitely never suits me medium is way too light for me and dark is way too dark.
Whereas m.a.c provides you a wide range of shades and various types of concealers .

This concealer provides you full coverage, you can see in the pictures below with this little amount of concealer(almost a small drop) I covered my complete face. It do not look artificial at all, i personally do not apply foundation after concealer.

It last for 8 hours straight for me(I have never applied makeup for more than 8 hours straight ), it might vary for you.
This concealer cost you INR 1200/- for 10 ml. But my 10 ml tube last for more than 6 months, if you apply makeup occasionally, in that case your 10 ml tube will last you more than a year. which actually is not expensive at all.

I hope it helps
Salomi <3


  1. good review,,

    it gives realistic feel to the readers,, because you post original pics