Friday, 26 October 2012

LOOPER review

Director Rian Johnson and actor Joseph Gordon Levitt come back together after the cult classic BRICK.A mind bending sci-fi noir film which pulls you in its world and does not let you escape long after you have left the theater.
The film also stars Bruce Willis (twelve monkeys) and Emily Blunt (the young Victoria). Willis plays the older Joseph Levitt in the film.

Pierce Gagnon , a very young child actor plays Emily Blunt's son and is a revelation. Joseph’s character says at the start that time travel has been invented in the future and is immediately deemed illegal and is only available in black market. Mafia use loopers in the past to assassinate their targets without leaving any trace ,all they have to do is send the target person 30 years back to the looper .Joseph is getting rich and life is good, until when Joseph is sent back his own future self as the target, all hell breaks loose. He has been asked to close his own loop by the mafia and this is not acceptable to his future self.
One of the stand out scene of the film is when both the present and the future Joseph sit and have a chat on the diner table.But this film is more than just a time travel film, it talks about how our decisions can alter our future to a great extent, every decision we make has a chain reaction and can change the course of history. Rian Johnson who has also written the story, pays homage to films like the terminator and twelve monkeys, but is successful in making an original sci-fi noir film which is cerebral as well as a great action film. Giving too much plot details would be robbing the audience of the great experience that this film is. The art direction, cinematography, makeup (Gordon levitt is at his best) and acting is top notch. It features a wonderfully multifaceted and intelligent story which rewards patience and concentration with a heart stopping ending.
Beside the main theme movie has its light moments. If full on action movie is not your cup of tea don't worry a sweet love story and dark humor will keep you interested till the end and if the company is good , i think rest you can bare
I would rate this movie 4/5

Salomi <3

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