Tuesday, 28 May 2013

old lost ones .......

I have lived in my house with my parents for my whole life (till now except for last 4 years that I was in Pune).

Every friend that I have ever had knows my home.....my school friends, then my college friends and now my MBA college friends.
Recently a school friend of mine came down to my place looking very sophisticated in coat suit. For 5 minutes I could not recall his name...... All I could think was I know this face from a long time back......... school maybe......and that was when it came to my head ...... my god he is Abhishek.......... The Abhishek....... The bhondu Abhishek, my god he was looking so good, so different, smart omg! what has happened to the bhondu Abhishek I knew, living in the same colony just a lane away.

I don't know why we lost contact....... we were the best buddies till 7th I suppose after that he changed his school. But we were still in contact, we use to play in the same garden everyday ....... then what happened ..... Noticing this big question mark on my face... he asked me if I recognized him..... and all of a sudden I said 'of course bhondu tujhe kaise bhul sakti hun' and then I felt really weird for the two reasons; first, we were no more that close and second, he does not look like a bhondu anymore..........
That was the time he broke the ice and laughed real hard.... and said you have not changed a bit.....And all I could say was 'ya the silly old me', but what I was thinking was' I know I have not changed a bit but my goodness what has got into you, you were supposed to be a bhondu with weird, always a bit longer than normal hair, that annoyed look on your face, cloths always dirty. Then what happened?'

After a few awkward moments I finally asked "what happened between us, we use to be such close friends always like a knot, always together.....?"
Then he said board exams happened, our mothers happened and this stupid education system happened...
And I knew what he meant to say....

After like 20 minutes after meeting him, I finally noticed there was something in his hands........omg....... A marriage invitation card!!!! 
"Are you getting married !!!!!!!!" I almost yelled it out, as if he was committing a crime by doing so.....
Again a laugh that made me realize how stupid I was behaving.... yes he said .
Finally getting married to his girl friend of 5 years......A girl friend for 5 years !!!!!!!!! where was I then???

Some more awkward moments before he left.... and a huge question mark in my mind .......my god he use to be my best friend and I did not recognized him for 10 mins...... he had a girl friend for 5 years and I never knew it.... how absent minded can I be???.... 5 years means 1 year before I went to Pune....
we were in contact then howcome I never knew .....

Later that evening I opened my old box which had my stuff from old days..... my school uniform, that I never let my mom to give it away.. My photographs from nursery school.... junior classes ..... no matter what teachers said ..... what photographer said where to stands ..... we always use to stand together hands in hands always in the last row, for we were the tallest in the class.
And than I saw other faces in the same photographs ...... my other friends .... very good friends some still in contact some not, some are just on facebook friend list but have never communicated other then wishing birthdays....

And then I thought is there a way where we call actually connect...... and social networking sites and instant messengers was not the answers.... as they were here among us for years now but still we were never really in touch .... all these technology did was giving us contact details of the people we once knew... nothing more........


Then the same guy Abhishek gave me the idea of WeChat ..... To be honest I was reluctant what this WeChat will provide us that we already don't have.... for instant we can share text messages, pictures, videos on whatsapp, facebook, twitter and on many other technologies but that never did the trick needed....
Then he explained WeChat is a step ahead from all the technologies we are currently using.
It allows us to send voice messages which gives a personal touch to the message...

Features that set aside WeChat from other similar applications are :
  • Video Chat/ Live Chat
  • Moments
  • Voice Chat
  • Web WeChat
  • Emoticons
  • Group Chat
  • Shake
  • Look Around 
  • Drift Bottle
  • Social Connect
Now I have made my mind.... I dont't want to loose anymore of my friends..... I am getting back all the friends I have lost just because of either my ego or negligence. I am making a group rather I am making many group one of my school friends, one for my playground friends, one for my coaching friends, one for my graduation college friends and one for my pg college friends.

I am including my friend circle from school in first group which will definitely include Abhu, Bhondu, Pinky, Sweety, Parth, Dhwani, Aarti, Shashank, Parv, Naman .

I am gonna include my colony friends in second group which will definitely include Bhondu, Sumit, Raj, Totu, Rohit and Shaan .... we use to play gulli cricket with kids from local teams of other colonies...... amazing that use to be.

Third group these are friends I am still in contact with, but I would never want to loose these friends because of some stupid ego or time issue... this group will include Sahil, Anvi, Tani, Aarti, Abhu and Parv.

My graduation college friends ...... Pune is very close to my heart, everything and everyone related to my college is like a sweet memory. Loosing friends from my college would be like loosing my memories .... this group will include my girls friends my darling Kirti, Ajeeta, Nimmo, Neha, Gauri, Mayuri, Tanima <3

My MBA college friends spent more time than my parents do with me..... god knows what we do the whole day ..... but I do cherish every moment of it, this group will include Ratika, Irum, Vivek, Srishti, Robin, Omar, Raj, Chotu Raj, Shashank, Naman.

My friends are very important to me they are family that I have chosen for me. No blood ties but stronger than blood ties...... I just LOVE them for being in my life...

I would like to tell them how much I have missed them, would like to know what they did in mean time, will tell them what all I did in the mean time...... <3 I have so much to talk so much to know so much to share....

I know I am getting carried away with my emotions ....... so I will give it a rest here and will go and actually tell them how much I love them for being in my life <3

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