Saturday, 1 June 2013

Cancer Care Camp Indore

CHL Apollo Hospital Cancer Center organized a one day cancer camp.
In this camp people got aware of symptoms of cancer, senior doctors were available to give information on the symptoms of cancer.

Full body test which generally cost Rs 6000/- to Rs 12000/- in different hospitals, was offered on a discounted price of Rs 1000/- for males and  Rs 1500/- for females.

Both of my parents went to this camp which according to them was very helpful, my mom was having some problem in her chest which could be a symptom of breast cancer according to doctors their but the tests ruled out breast cancer after seeing the reports of the test, so now she is relieved as we have already lost a member of our family to cancer and my grandmother has suffered from breast cancer many years back (now she is completely fine ).

Other than full body test other offers were available, cancer treatment is very expensive, thus 25% discount on hospital bills for chemotherapy and surgery and 10% discount on radiation was available. No doubt CHL Apollo, Indore was so crowed that day.

Thanx CHL Apollo for this helpful Camp. And for all those who do not know about this Camp, CHL Apollo organizes this Cancer camp every year on this very same day, that is 18th may. 

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