Sunday, 5 May 2013

what i learned from my neighbour's stroke.........!

Merely 7 days back, morning 7 it was. I had my paper so I was up revising few important points that was when I heard my neighbour's wife (sheetal aunty) yelling for help. When I came down I saw my dad and my brother coming out of her house lifting Jain uncle ......... they saw me and called for car keys.

An hour later, when I was about to leave for college,( remember I mentioned I was havingm still having :(  my final semester exams). Stroke ...!!! it was ........... that too a major stoke......... dad said entering the house.

Thanks to Sheetal aunty her husband is alive today ........ she is a bit health freak ......
Always telling us to look out for few signs in people around us.....if any of those signs appear we should call doctor and tell doctor about those signs..
(we always thought she was a psycho case after her dad had an paralysis attack..... and take a u-turn on her first sight to avoid her health and precautions signs lecture  )

Today she is our hero....... she shouted for help when she saw some signs she use to tell us about in her husband, doctor said we took him to hospital just in time. She is definitely the only reason her husband is alive.

 After the whole situation was over...... I searched for those signs she use to talk about all the time and heart attacks in our country.

I was shocked when I read heart attacks is the biggest killer in rural and urban India.

According to the largest scale study ( so far ) made in our country shows that
'About 25 % of deaths in the age group of 25-69 years occurs because of heart diseases. In urban area, 32.8% of deaths occur because of heart diseases and this percentage in rural ares is 22.9% making heart diseases the biggest killer in India.'

If you want to know more about this study click on link :'s+no.1+killer:+Heart+disease/1/92422.html

Now let me tell you about the symptoms you should be aware of ........ in general these symptoms indicate stroke ..... but if you spot any of these symptoms do not waste time call for medical help. Other then stroke they can indicate other major health issues and in either case you should consult doctor as soon as possible.

F.A.S.T is an easy way to remember these sudden symptoms...... when you spot any of these signs, you will know that you need to call for medical help.....

F Face drooping : Does one side of the face droop or is it numb? Ask the person to smile...... is the smile
                                  uneven ?

A Arm weakness : Is one arm weak or numb? Ask the person to raise both arms.... does one hand drift
                                   downwards ?

 Speech difficulty : Is speech slurred ? If the person cannot speak simple sentences like I am human 

T Time to call for medical assistance.....!!! If someone shows any of these symptoms, even if the
                                      the symptoms go away.......get the person to hospital immediately .

These are the symptoms that clearly indicate major health issues ...... other then these there are some other symptoms but these do not always indicate a major health crisis .

For more information on symptoms on stroke go to the link

The whole Jain uncle's case was a life changing experience for me... now I know we should not let go such warning signs ignored...... It can cost us our life !!!!!!!

I was thinking on writing this post for a week now...... today I am posting it for My Healthy Speak Blog

Salomi <3


  1. Hmm....a neighbor uncle i knew for years suddenly had a heart attack 2 days back.....he died.....i m so upset.....he has little children

  2. This awareness should be spread among people to save lives