Monday, 7 January 2013

beard is weird

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Raj and Simran both got their first job in Mumbai. They met on bus stop every day since they use to live in same building and worked in same office. After few days they became friends. Not long time after that, this friendship turned into relationship.
One thing that Simran liked most about Raj was his clean shaved-properly washed and ironed clothes look.

One year passed smoothly, now both Raj and Simran where promoted. As soon as they were promoted things began to change, Raj all of a sudden stopped maintaining his clean shave look. And this irritated Simran to the bone. She tried convincing Raj in every possible way to stop behaving so weird and start shaving, but Raj now started taking Simran and his job for granted. He started looking like a homeless.
When things started to get out of hands, Simran decided to do something about it.
She approached Sameer, best friend of Raj and the best looking guy in their office to help her.

Now every time three of them are together Simran started giving Sameer especial attention, she would complement him for looking so good and clean; she started inviting Sameer to her flat whenever Raj was there for lunch or dinner. She started ignoring Raj just to make him jealous. And guess what ……….. the trick worked !!!!!!! Raj started shaving again, started ironing his shirts crisp like he use to do when they were friends just to impress her.

After continuing the drama for a week Simran decided to not disclose this whole thing in front of Raj as he would become his old self with his weird beard. And she of course loved the attention ;)
So she made him crave till he shaved and made her point that she can not be taken for granted even after such long relationship.  

love <3

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