Monday, 7 January 2013

my papa's beard

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One thing my dad loves and I hate is his beard. I just wish I could do something so that his beard would never ever grow back again.
Oooooo I hate it so much and he knows that very well, since my childhood every time his beard was 2-3 days big he use to rub it on my hand, many a times giving me rashes. Then he was the one to apply ointment on it (but this is not to be considered).
I have seen my parents fight on his beard.
Every time I and my mom went to my grandparent’s place without my dad for vacations. He utilized that time to grow and enjoy his beard.

What all I and my mom had to do to make him shave my goodness. There was this one time when he would not shave no matter what mom said and then it was the time for revenge (hahahaha!!!!!) U see dad has a sweet tooth (I would rather say in my dad’s case all his teeth are sweet). When ever we use to have ice cream, I would just pluck out one of his beard hair and put it in his ice cream. Obviously he hated me for that but I loved it so much that even now whenever he keeps his beard for enough no. of days that I can pluck a hair out I would do the same again. After I started doing this he finally shaved (since he can’t say anything to his princess) and after that one time he never keeps his beloved beard for more than 4-5 days.

Salomi <3

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