Thursday, 27 December 2012

after my first day of running ... i think this is my last day on earth :\

Do you ever feel motivated by something or rather someone around you to be fit. I know the meaning of being fit may differ from person to person. For some being fit is just having good stamina ,whereas for people like me definition of being fit starts from loosing those extra inches. And for some building perfect body is being fit ,well I have friends from all these three categories .Jaggi (naam to suna hi hoga... hahaha,well from my previous post) is a person who belongs to this first category he likes running he is not slim he is more like me ,plump but GOD he can run miles I saw it by myself yesterday ,I on the other side belongs to the second category ,first step for me towards getting fit is loosing those extra inches .Another one of my friends Priyanshu belongs to third category, full body shody type .

Since my exams are over and I don't anything to do ,I decided to give it a try. So I went jogging with my friends Jaggi and Tanmay to our very own D.A.V.V university campus ground. There were few couples sitting here and there ,some people running ,some walking and some on phone the whole time. We started with warm up then walking , after a few rounds of ground walking we started jogging as soon as I started jogging I realized I have a very ....very long way to go ,for starting 1/2 ground of jogging I was all excited and confident that if someone like Jaggi can do it then it should be nothing for me but I was proved wrong in first round of the ground.
Somehow I completed 2 circles and then with no energy left in me ,I lied on the ground ,after a few minutes we did some stretching and then we came back. Thankgod  that torture session ended right there (well that was what i thought ).

I could not sleep for most of the night , I can't say when I actually slept .All I remember is I woke up at 12:30pm and with a severe body ache ,specially my legs. Today I massaged some ointment on my legs and I am so furious with myself ,for why do I have to eat so many chocolates in my past , and ice creams and with the thought of that I again had gajar ka halwa .
I am so weak when it comes to food!!!!!! This time I did not want to have it, my mom forced me to have it :( ............. seriously !!

So much of exercise and so much of pain all washed up with one bowl of gajar ka halwa ,while having my gajar ka halwa I was so delighted that I forgot all about body pain ,as soon as I stood up to that bowl in the sink I was reminded of my numb legs and the running I did yesterday to loose those extra inches and this time I was furious with my mom.........
well this was the story till 1pm now after my first day of running ,I think this is my last day on earth!!!!!!!!!!
and they say if I don't go for running today I will have same pain gain whenever I start any exercise again .
Bas jaan hi lena baki rah gayi hai bachi ki. o_0

Lets see this time I am in full mood to start running or some exercise seriously. I will go to running again today and lets see if this is actually my last day ( of running please m not hurting myself, if that is what yu have in your mind) 

Love <3

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  1. Hi Salomi,

    HAHAHA, indeed, this is what happens when you try to shed all that weight in one day. Don't worry, just keep at it, don't give up in the initial days. Once it becomes a habit, it will be your source of energy. :)


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