Saturday, 22 December 2012

have i gone mad..... -_-

2nd internals then came Diwali then came submissions and presentations and then came...........Final exams 

I wait for my birthday for 364 days in a year. And this year's birthday was not less than a nightmare, a nightmare I was preparing to avoid for 10 days.Thanks to those 10 days I could do something in my accounts paper(I fear account the most) that day I thought, the day exam ends I will go out for a long drive, I simply love long drives with some company or at times alone. My friend Jaggi had his birthday on the last day of exam I was so excited for his birthday as my birthday got lost somewhere in the middle of exams. We had plans for his birthday, ask yourself what could possibly go wrong here. Everything went haywire when his exam marks were revealed nearly for all subjects and he failed every subject!!!!!!!!! major disaster..... on his damn birthday I have never seen Jaggi so low. We got him to be little normal by the "cakeS" we got for him one to cut and one to paste ;) :p
we spend evening most of it in ICH(indian coffee house), our adda and rest of it at beauty's shop, no its not a fashion store well it is a juice shop our second adda.
THE day got over Thank god for that, I could not handle any more disasters in a day. Now even after my exams are over I feel like a zombie, please don't worry I don't have cravings for human brain. No long drive No shopping No going out with friends did not went to watch dabangg 2 all I did for the most of the day was ......... well nothing. I was lying down on bed for almost the whole day, not wanting to do anything. The day was so lazy and now finally when I am writing my experience of these two days all I could think about was planning motivation shit!!!!!!!!!!
I wanted to search a book on net to read I googled pearson and robbins. This MBA course has done something with my brain ,that I m sure of. Now I have told pooja, one of my friends to give me a good book to read and I am still struggling to write without any managerial terms.

Hope You guys like it
Salomi <3


  1. Hahahahha...enjoyed the post...

    Its awesome that I found a blogger from my own city...a worthy visit :)


  2. hi noopur

    even I feel good
    glad you liked my post <3

  3. Hi Salomi,

    My first visit to your blog. Quite an insight into a student's mind and thoughts during the exam time. Its usually like this and once its over, you don't feel like going anywhere. The only thing on your mind is hitting the bed. Enjoyed the post. Keep posting. ;)


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