Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Break all barriers ... use Internet to your best

Usman Riaz, a young Pakistani boy making his mark in this world with his amazing musical techniques.
Coming from background inclined towards art, it was no surprise he too was seen keen in music. Usman started his classical piano classes at the age of 6, started learning guitar at the age of 16 ....... and 4 years later at the age of 20, he composed his own song "Firefly".

Everything till now was nothing unusual ...... what made Usman Riaz different from other musicians was his way of learning .
At the age of 16 he wanted to start learning other instruments as well, that was when he faced the problem of teachers, since he could not found a teacher that could teacher other than eastern classical or western classical music. He explored a new way of learning. He started learning guitar from youtube videos. Having the knowledge of musical notes from his prior learning of piano, he would try to guess the notes in videos he watched on youtube, at times he would pause the video and see the finger positioning on the guitar ....... and this is how he learning guitar. And then he started exploiting youtube to the fullest, now he can play all the string instruments, he can do both hand tapping, he has directed a musical short story, he taught himself painting and many more things...

The story of Usman Riaz is not less than a moral story.
Not every problem has to be about people living below poverty line, today largest portion of population may it be any country in this whole wide world belongs to middle economic class or are living in under developed areas and yes, they too have problems in their lives.
The biggest problem that the children or youth faces in these situation is how to get a proper coaching of what so ever they want to pursue in their life.
But they do not realize that the biggest advantages they have that our ancestors did not had is internet.
whatever you need to know or need guidance in, in whatever form you need it, you get it all on internet .... all we lack in is the vision of internet as our ultimate source of information.

You want to know or learn something just go through the internet ...... You might not get into harwards but you will get videos of all Harward professors on internet.
Not every student can get into IITs and IIMs but if you want to learn what they learn all you need to do is browse it you will get their notes on college's website ..... yes they don't mind sharing it with you. Students need to be enthusiast to make that effort and collect whatever all those videos and notes available and do some self study.

All the students living in hostels it is futile to join cooking classes but a video of boiling eggs or making simple meals really would help ...... well this one comes from a personal experience 

You want to learn musical instruments like Usman ...... do what he did, no need to put thousands of rupees in tuitions just browse teaching videos and learn it yourself.
Today internet has nearly demolished that factor of miles from people's life. You can attend meetings, talk and see you loved ones siting half way across the world similarly you can also learn from any person receding anywhere in this world.....
If you can not afford a particular professional course, use the services of e-learning, websites providing e-learning services provides you with complete study material, you can clear your doubts with their experts and a bare minimum charge.

So the moral of the story is:- don't let anything get in the way of what you want to learn, just exploit internet ....break all barriers ...... use internet to your best .

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