Thursday, 25 July 2013

A Great Drive - entry for Michelin Pilot Experience by Salomi Gupta

My last trip to Pune was a year ago...
Today weather in my hometown, that is in Indore is beautiful and it made me miss Pune and my friends even more.
Going back in memories I remember every detail of a similar day in Pune, don’t worry I am not going to bore you with with every detail of that trip, will tell you just the few necessary one.
We were in my friends flat watching movie, weather had turned out to be really romantic from last few days ..  yes ‘romantic’ is the perfect word to describe it , absolutely no sun yet it was not dark, not hot not cold weather, drizzling all day long, days like this, I hated being single :\

4 friends, 1 car, all girls, an urge to go out and it turned out to be such adventure …...
we loaded car with chips and cold drink we stocked for our pajama party and we set off first to khadakwasla dam and then to Lonavala.

One thing you should know 'Lonavala is the ultimate hangout in rainy season for Pune and Mumbai people'. We just wanted to have maggi and corn at Lion’s point, and this was the ultimate motivation which got us through that trip.

Beautiful lion's point in normal days without fog..

As soon as we left Pune around 5 kilo meters after toll naka we had 2 flat tyres simultaneously.... all girls in the car 1 flat tyre we would have tried to deal with but 2!!!...... after brainstorming on what to do. We finally stopped a car for help. Soon we realized that there were all guys stinking of beer in that car….. we were tongue tight no idea how to react.
Finally one of us said ‘we thought its our friend's car, sorry’. Thank god second car we stopped had few college students of our age , among them were 2 girls, we finally relaxed as they agreed to help us with our 2 flat tyres. We finally reached Lonavala, Lion’s point, it was amazing as always you can not see beyond few feets because of fog and hot maggi and corn at that beautiful place was worth all the troubles worth it.
Thank god nothing went wrong at least till we entered Pune. As soon as we entered Pune again something happened to our car and it stopped. All transportation strike it was that day ...which means no bus, no taxi to drop us home. Thank god we were in Pune we called up few friends and they came for help.

Road welcoming you to Lonavala.

That's it, That trip was the most adventurous trip we ever had. Most amazing as well.
That was the best trip of my life <3.

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  1. Wonderful days are always treasured as beautiful memories for life.