Thursday, 28 March 2013

different characters in holi

Happy Holi guys :)
May this Holi bring all beautiful colors to your life :)

Though I don't enjoy playing Holi myself, I take great joy in watching people play, all their colorful, unrecognizable, funny faces, this particular Holi was my first Holi when I had long holidays (unofficial ofcourse ) ,anyways which gave me long lonely hours.......... and then again I did what I do best when I am alone............ don't get any wrong thoughts people........I observe people around me with my thinking cap on.

This time I noticed that we play different kinds of characters in Holi, all very interesting.
Some of us have Holi fever they wait for Holi all year long .... and when it finally arrives they enjoy it in every possible way; gulal, pukka color, colored balloons and what not. These are generally overly excited people.

Second category of people, not so excited kind of people they are, if someone colors them they tend to celebrate Holi else one beer and their ps3 is all they need to celebrate.
Now, the third category, people who hate Holi...........I hate these kind of people anyways who am i to judge anyone on their likes and dislikes. Well these are people who lock themselves in their room the entire day to avoid any possible "attack"as they call it.

Now the final category, people like me who love Holi in their own very special way.
We do celebrate Holi just not the coloring part ,we enjoy watching people color each other, make fun of them and the most important part; our way of celebrating Holi is throwing colored water balloons on everyone :) I love doing this. This way you get to color others and you are always clean (win win situation as i would say).
Now these are the four type of characters that I observed this Holi, do comment if you can think of any other kind of characters :)

 I hope you enjoyed your Holi in whatever way you prefer..... peacefully :)

Salomi <3


  1. Holi has earned a very bad name due to behaviour of certain anti-social elements on this day.

    1. you will find such anti-social elements every where in our society that does not means you stop going and enjoying everything in this world.......... holi to me is a very special festival but yes some precautions need to be taken