Friday, 9 November 2012

I miss going home for diwali ........A small pray for Diwali

This is my first personal post on my blog , so let me tell you guys something about myself first ......
I m basically from Indore ,did my schooling here and then went to Pune for engineering I was in Pune for almost 4 and a 1/2 years, now I am doing M.B.A from Indore . Today was my last exam and from tomorrow officially our college is off for Diwali .......

All my friends are going back to there hometown to there parents for Diwali whereas "I am going nowhere"  . Sounds silly isn't it, but seriously when I was in hostel after two-tree months of hostel ,I use to cherish my home as if it was royal .I m not saying my home is not royal to me now, but things are different now.I am home already, I don't miss home made food anymore.

Just two months of new college new friends and I m sad of thinking of days without them, or maybe I m sad that I do not get to see a change in environment this holiday season.
I m really praying hard for something exciting to happen on this Diwali, please god Do something to make this Diwali special , everyone deserves to be happy on Diwali , hoping for some miracle to happen on this festival season ..... signing out

Hope your Diwali is safe and exciting <3
Salomi <3


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